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Mood Lighting Pack


Experience the Magic of Premium Mood Lighting! 🌊✨

Dive into tranquility with our Waterwave Light, creating ripples of serene illumination. Complemented by 4 elegant Slim Profile Par Cans, elevate any space effortlessly. Easy setup, sophisticated design, and round-the-clock customer support. Package includes everything you need for a flawless ambient glow. Choose swift delivery and optional top-notch installation. Illuminate with elegance and grace! 🎉🌌

Mood Lighting Pack

Mood Lighting

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  ID Requirement

A valid Australian Driver's License or Photo Card will be required before release of hire item(s)

  Delivery policy

The person who signed the Terms of Hire must be present onsite, with their ID handy.

  Collection policy

Please ensure the equipment is packed down and ready for collection.

Elevate Every Moment with Premium Mood Lighting: A Dance of Subtle Elegance 🌊✨

Step into a serene universe of lights, enhancing moods, and captivating ambiance with the Premium Mood Lighting Journey. Here's the magic within:

Waterwave Lighting Mastery: Dive into the entrancing ripple illumination, casting a calm and alluring glow, moving to the rhythm of tranquility.

4 Slim Profile Par Cans: Radiate elegance from every corner, transforming each moment into a soothing visual retreat.

Essential Power Connection: Essential cables for a seamless, ambient illumination odyssey.

Features & Benefits:

Instant Serenity: Open, set up, and transport your space to an oasis of calm and elegance.
Sophisticated Design: Our slim-profile par cans integrate smoothly, enhancing aesthetics without overshadowing.
Effortless Lighting: Simplified plug-and-play action. Ignite the ambiance without a hassle.
24/7 Customer Support: Have inquiries? We're here to brighten your path!

What's in the Package:

  • 1 x Waterwave Light
  • 4 x Slim Profile Par Cans
  • Essential Power Cables

Shipping & Setup Preferences:

🚚 Swift Door-to-Door Delivery
🛠️ Top-Notch Optional Installation for a flawless lighting experience.

Step into the Enchanting Realm of Premium Mood Lighting and Illuminate with Grace! 🎉🌌

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